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Places to Date near Palm Beach

Palm Beach provides a great setting for dating. You can find high end restaurants and hot night clubs. Here are a few places to consider for dating in the Palm Beach area.


Going out to eat is a good standby date activity. You can find plenty of restaurants that are suitable for a date. You can make the date more special with a little research first. If your date is in to vegetarian fare, spend some time finding a restaurant that serves only organic vegetarian food. In to ethnic food then look for a quaint place that has great food. For lunch dates find a place that serves gourmet sandwiches and wine, or coffee and pastries. It’s a good idea to get some take out from the restaurant a few days before your date. This way you won’t be surprised by high prices or bad food.

Clubs and Openings

Palm Beach is full of clubs, there are even some swinging clubs. New clubs open all the time. An opening event can make for a great date if you do some planning. You may need to score an invite for the more exclusive ones, but with a little networking this isn’t hard. Be sure you and your date know what type of club atmosphere it is so you can dress appropriately.

Beach Dates

There are tons of activities to take advantage of along the water. Look for beach side restaurants, aquariums, and even water tours. For a cheap date, plan a day walking along the coast and just enjoying the sun and sea spray.

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