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Beach Dating Games

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Beach dates have the potential to be very romantic. However, if you don’t spend some time planning they also have the potential of being very boring. Here are some quick and easy games you can play to keep interest levels high.
Sand Darts
Sand darts is a simple family oriented game that can be tweaked and played with dating couples easily. Draw a large circle in the sand and draw another small circle to denote the center. Use shells found along the coast line to toss in to the circle. The person with the shell closest to the center circle is the winner. To spice this up for an adult activity, play several rounds with the loser buying the winner a drink, or any other prizes of your choice.
Photo Treasure Hunt
Come up with a predetermined list of things you will certainly see along the beach. Each of you take a camera or camera phone, and go in different directions. The first to arrive back with photographic evidence of all the things on the list is the winner. This can be a lot of fun, and you can get very creative.
You can find large checker boards that are made of a fabric material and can be used as blankets. These are commonly found in the toy department as they are designed for children. However, they make a great laid back beach activity as well. Grab a few drinks, lay out the mat, and play a few games of checkers on the water. This is perfect for a picnic as well, since it will give you something to do without losing your spot on the sand.