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Meeting someone at the Beach – Dating Tips

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Beach dating can be a lot of fun. Even during colder weather the ocean sets a great romantic backdrop for a date. If you’ve decided to have a beach date and are meeting your date at a beach, there are a few things that can help make the date more special and memorable.
Adult Picnic
Picnics can be very romantic, and when you include a beach setting it can be even better. This is a great first date activity too. Have your date meet you at the beach, and come prepared with gourmet take out food, a bottle of wine, and a nice blanket to lie on. Bonus points if you plan this around sunset or sunrise so you can watch the clouds and sky change color over the water.
Boating Activities
Going out on the water for a date is a great idea. You can charter a boat if you don’t own one. The charters are typically cheaper than most people assume, and to do this for half a day is quite affordable. You can take glass bottom tours to add more adventure. Sunset cruises are popular and can be very romantic. You can even find boating events for couples that serve as formal events complete with food and dancing.
Beach Sports
If you are both active, plan for a day of sports with a late lunch at a local beach front cafe. Volleyball is a good standby, and most beaches have nets already set up for people. Water skiing, fishing, and other sports activities can be great for a date with an active person.